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ukko -cucko

benis :DDDDD


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yo wtf
is miya really tsuki?
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Adherence to a text, hermetic arts, desperate yearning for salvation, a congregation, extrapolation from reality into faith.. it's all there. Techno nerds just go find Jesus challenge


…Not to mention prophets and acolytes


are you 4042




Jesus CHRIST this place is dead


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Nojak every day until you like it


I already do like it.


File: 1653539522208.png (265.65 KB,1727x1727,nojak gem.png)



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The white race will triumph


ty nawet biały nie jesteś prusaku


stul dupe szmato
rosjanie i polacy to bracia


>rosjanie i polacy to bracia
Да пошел ты нахуй. долбоеб блядь, польская коза))


fajna flaga geju


File: 1653520777935.png (180.73 KB,297x482,pajeet.png)


Good morning Initiate


File: 1653514035693.png (175.8 KB,712x845,1631246786554.png)


What's that? Pinejak is currently "backing that ass up" for Applejak? Oh my, I must bear witness to this!
HOLY MOLY! This 'jak's a real looker, ain't he? He's got that bitchy bottom energy written all over him, I can hear his voice just through that look his making. "Will a big strong man PLEASE come over and pleasure me?" Yes yes, that's what's going through his mind! Slutjak came here prepared. Prepared to be ravaged by his fellow fruitjaks. He is the prize of the Battle of the Ridge, and quite the prize he is.
Are you single, babe? Do you want to get your pineapple juiced? I can please you, slutjak.
Zoo wee mama, now that's a grade-A sluterino! Do you think he sucked some dick before coming to the ridge? What am I talking about, that slutjak can't help himself when presented with an all you can suck buffet of man meat! Jinkies! His allure is just too powerful!
Hm… inspects him with a magnifying glass Yes yes, this is a slutjak alright. grips his ass cheeks really hard Tight, firm butt cheeks. Spreads them A shaved butt holly pulls off his thong A shaved, uncut cock. rubs legs Shaved legs… Glorious! This slutjak is flawless!
What a ripe pineapple slutjak, he's in need of a few butt spanks.
Pinejak looks like he'd be a brat in bed, instructing you how to please him and not being too kind about it! Yes, he will call you bad names while you're on top of him! You must spank him, you gotta spank the slutjak!
Dearest me, is this fruitjak overdue for a creampie. His face is overflowing with lust! That open mouth and fuck me eyes, the imaginary cocks plugging all of his holes aren't going to be satisfying him for long! No-sir-ree!


Seek help.


File: 1653514515991.png (279.74 KB,600x800,1631598625767.png)

>>>702 (OP)
>Seek help.


What have you demented soiteens done to my pinejak?


File: 1653516810934.png (277.39 KB,811x1049,1644088868622.png)


post bbc yall


File: 1653511018095.png (95.54 KB,250x250,Lambda says trans rights.png)




Trannyfag fuckoff


Nigger troon poster btfo


File: 1653511129119.png (29.51 KB,427x400,7612 - arm blush bowtie cl….png)

tranny OP


na podstawie


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michał giereś to dobry radiowiec


File: 1653515655402.webm (861.15 KB,1280x720,pach.webm)




File: 1653515022449.webm (451.83 KB,1280x720,nigger.webm)




stul dupe geju




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I see hitler in my dreams


File: 1653513877856.png (19.95 KB,614x770,soy hitler.png)

I love Hitler


We all do.


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Lain is okay at best




File: 1653513741023.jpg (679 KB,845x1200,haibane_011.jpg)

Haibane Renmei was superior


File: 1653511328303.jpg (10.96 KB,259x300,клещ.received_116466657093….jpg)




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