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I sexually assaulted my cousin for 7+ years ever since we were little. Never told anyone this before. Stopped about five years ago. Can't stop thinking about it. I'm going to hell.


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fugging based. Keep it up


pics or it didn't happen


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Who's Polak bro??

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Self explanitory.

Talk about everything related to abstaining PMO. (Porn,Masturbation,Orgasm)

The benefits and why the fuck is it that damn hard to commit to for some people?


File: 1607466727186.pdf (458.98 KB,Easy_Peasy.pdf)

A good book to read on that was originally based to help smoker's addictions but modified for coomers.

Haven't finished reading however the pages of it are pretty damn good in explaining in detail of the types of coomers,the brainwashing aspect of PMO and so forth.


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I usually don't want to go like longer than 1 and half a week without COOMING.
Apparently your testo starts rising during nofap, but after about a week it drops significantly.

Also don't want le prostate cancer
Dunno if there's any truth to any of these tho.


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I stopped fapping 3 days ago because i was disgusted of myself and was going to fap tomorrow kinda like to reward me, y I know this doesn't make any sens.
I'll try to last until friday night or more if i feel capable bc of your post.
Good luck bois


Good luck man and god speed

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initiate more like gayiate


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indeed very gay, like your mom

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For all you fags needing to bulk up:

Share your favorite brotein shakes or bulking meal plans.



nano trying to bulk up?

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why do I keep sranjeting my pants

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