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Board Rules

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You MUST be 15+ years of age to post

Anyone found to be under the age of 15 will be permanently banned without notice, exception, or appeal.


Pictures of underage children, any picture perceived to be underage WILL be deleted IMMEDIATELY and you WILL be PERMANENTLY banned without notice, exception, or appeal.

You MUST argue in good faith and contribute meaningful discussion

You MAY NOT not personally attack users (such as doxxing).

Attack someone's argument, not someone's character. Be classy, do not go out of your way to offend someone when in a heated discussion. Keep it 30% aggressive.

Board Guidelines

Please make intelligent posts.

We don't censor ideas; we delete low-quality posts. Well-articulated arguments and a little bit of effort go a long way.

Please be smart when posting about potentially illegal activities.

Don't get yourself in trouble. If you're doing something that could land you in jail in your jurisdiction, think twice before posting about it. If you must discuss it, do so in a way that will protect you from legal consequences.

Please use good OPSEC.

Do not post any personally identifiable information or discuss anything that could compromise your personal security or livelihood. There is no such thing as perfect OPSEC, but you can and should take steps to mitigate risk.

Please use spoiler tags when appropriate.

Don't accidentally ruin someone's day. There will always be someone who hasn't finished watching or reading it yet.

Please post about things you're interested in.

If there's something you think we would like, post it. Insular internet subcultures, everyday cyberpunk anecdotes, passion projects, outsider culture, obscure tech and general strangeness are likely to get a few responses.

Please review the catalog before making a new topic.

No one likes duplicate threads. If there is already a thread for your topic on a board, consider adding a high-quality response in that thread instead. Duplicate threads are very likely to be deleted.

Please resist the urge to assume the moral high ground.

Not everyone here is left wing and not everyone here is right wing. Not everyone here uses Linux and not everyone here uses Windows. Not everyone here is a free software zealot and not everyone here is a proprietary shitlord. All opinions are welcome, but low-effort posts and holier-than-thou attitudes are not.

Please give us recommendations.

Everyone is here to get some sort of value out of the site and a lot of us are here to learn. If you have any books, music, software, hardware or media recommendations, we'd love to hear your experiences and opinions.

Please make suggestions.

If there is something on the site that you feel we could improve, please consider suggesting it to our discord server. If you'd like to help us fix it and speed the process along, consider contributing to the project by joining our development team.

Please promote our site if you believe we deserve it.

If you know people who'd enjoy our community, give us a shoutout. If you have an on-topic site, podcast or community that would enjoy our board, feel free to recommend us.

Please utilize or a similar service when appropriate.

When linking to news articles or any other content on the web, consider making an archive of the article to preserve it in its current state for reference and help us make a small but meaningful dent in the corporate media's clickbait ad revenue scheme.

Please resist the urge to engage in cross-board drama or mudslinging.

Criticism is one thing, but shitting on another online community is another thing entirely. Do posts about Lainchan, 8chan or Reddit really contribute anything of value to this board? Think before engaging in this.

Please include links, resources and references in your posts.

The more valuable information you can provide on your topic of choice, the better.

Frequently asked questions

How do I donate?


How can I help the website?

Either by donating, joining us, or just by joining the discord!

How do I format my text?

options: ==text== [h]text[/h]

options: @@[email protected]@ [quote]text[/quote]

options: **text** [b]text[/b]

options: *text* [i]text[/i]

Bold & Italic
options: ***text*** [b][i]text[/i][/b]

options: ~~text~~ [s]text[/s]

options: __text__ [u]text[/u]

options: %%text%% [spoiler]text[/spoiler]

How do I format my code?

Fuck if I know

I've been banned. What did I do wrong?

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There is literhcuraly this to see why you got banned