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yo wtf
is miya really tsuki?


Who the fuck is Miya?


miya from kaliacc
yknow, a pajeet cult that stole some of the initiate lore iirc



Okay so kaliacc is a groomer cult that’s a soft copy of initiate, and this Miya person is a part of that. How does this have any connections to ((((tsuki))))


File: 1653629527708.png (161.09 KB,611x605,fffff.png)

seems like he's been running a NFT project with a different identity, but got a massive backlash after getting exposed as miya. and some claims he was the owner of systemspace



I read about it, cringe no connection to systemfag but this person is a weirdo.


oh actually i remember miya is a pajeet and tsuki is a dutch
they can't be the same person


yeah, just sounds like empty slander


File: 1653669472684.jpg (186.42 KB,1062x1472,FTwg60PX0AAqnvF.jpg)

yeah he's definitely not tsucc but apparently he was an admin in systemspace at some point (charlottefang = miya)


Miya was never a mod on TSUKI's discord.
Never did he nuke it either.
Ahigger has spoken, now tell that faggot to stop spreading lies =]
If any news outlet or whatever have any questions, redirect them to me.


i see
damn at this point i don't even know what's ture and what's not anymore. it's so confusing
also while lots of people accuse miya of grooming egirls and forcing them to commit suicide, he and his defenders deny it saying that they were just joking around and no victim exists
which do you think is telling the truth?



all of those defenders own his nfts so no1 really cares


yeah that could be teh case


File: 1653683781403.jpg (1.6 MB,3543x1993,lain terry zoom.jpg)

Adherence to a text, hermetic arts, desperate yearning for salvation, a congregation, extrapolation from reality into faith.. it's all there. Techno nerds just go find Jesus challenge


…Not to mention prophets and acolytes


are you 4042




Jesus CHRIST this place is dead

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